3: How we play!

As for rules, the less the better. Here are a few.
  • To begin: Pick up games are determined by tossing your mallet into the center of the court. The six mallets closest to center court will be selected and randomly sorted into teams of three on three.
    • Foot down: if a player’s foot touches the ground, they are out of play and cannot play the ball again until after they tap out. Tapping out varies from court to court, but should be a designated location or object near center court. After a player has tapped out, they may return to play.
    • Contact: like contact is allowed – player to player, bike to bike, mallet to mallet. Other contact is not allowed – mallet to player, etc. Some people like to add more rules to this category but that’s stupid.
    • The ball must be hit the ball with the front end of the mallet. A shuffle – with the wide end/side of the mallet – will not count as a goal.
    • If the ball is passed through the goal from the back, it must be passed at least once before a goal can be scored.
    • After scoring, team who scored must fall back past half court and wait for the other team to take possession of the ball.
    • Play to 3, 5, whatever – just be sure to determine this before you start playing.


    • Play on any bike you like, but please plug the handlebars.
    • Mallets are diy (typically ski poles or golf clubs with pvc/gas pipe heads) or available from Legit. NYC fixed has a good tutorial, take a look here: DIY mallets
    • Street hockey balls are available in varieties suitable for various weather conditions.
    • Goals (orange cones of any sort) should be placed one bike length apart, and if you knock it down pick it up. Your momma don’t play here.

    1 – 2 – 3 POLO!

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