1: Want to play?

Red pins mark the locations of regular games: most weekends at the Allston courts, sometimes in JP, sometimes in the North End, occasionally in Chinatown.

click for a google map

allston courts:

more locations after the break:

north end courts:

knockout courts

knockout courts

chinatown courts, kneeland street, beside this factory:

other spots as needed

8 Responses to “1: Want to play?”
  1. chris says:

    I am coming to your city and would love to play some polo with you all the could you e-mail me asap.


  2. Dustin says:

    yo…im in town for espi and i wouldnt mind playin some games with ya’ll before hand. also…if ya let me borrow a polo rig for espi i’ll love you forever!

  3. Jake M says:

    I’d love to play some polo and just moved to the city. Is there any site with usual times folks are playing? If not can anyone shoot me an e-mail about the next game in cambridge. Im jonesing!

  4. jeremiah goodwin says:

    just like everyone else posting on here, i’m in town looking for my polo fix. my home court is in san francosco, i’m here in boston visiting family. i want to know where and when is the game tonight, tuesday. and i will need a mallet, if someone can bring an extra that would be great.

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