when the nyc club came up here in may for the first in hopefully a long series of city vs. city matches, it rained a lot. and basically the only one on their team scoring goals was Ken. final score was 2 numbers and boston won. yeah, so we knew they couldn’t wait to get us down there to redeem themselves.

it took a minute but we finally got ourselves down to the ol’Pit for the rematch a few weeks ago. tony, thunder and I took the early bus and found jake the first guy there waiting on some dude meditating dead center of the court.

blahblahblah… one hour, 9 goals between both teams, i score the game winner with two minutes left. victory beers on the bus back were tasty.

full game was shot by Clement.

Bench minor Boston Vs Nyc from Uolmo on Vimeo.

Bench minor Bost vs Nyc, Second half from Javier Garcia-Albea on Vimeo.

and someone put together a nice slideshow:

One Response to “2-0”
  1. fuckyoutony says:

    damn that pit… such a brutal place to get a nice game going.

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