Tourney Recap

polo players
Again thanks to all the folks who put this tourney together. I especially want to thank everyone who traveled to play. I, and I am sure all of Boston Bike Polo, was humbled by the show of comraderie from NYC, class from Ottawa and belligerence from RVA.

With a random seed of 16 teams in a double elimination bracket, each city had a team in the final four. The Coque Bloquers went undefeated. We held a playoff game to establish third place.

1st Place: Ottawa – Coque Bloquers (Alexis, Robbie, Jen)

2nd Place: Boston – Judas and the Betrayers (Nick, Tyler, Jav)

Turd Place: RVA – Steel Horsemen (Dennis, Sean, Ian)
(click through the jump for more awards and rankings!)

4th Place: NYC – BrenQuinnAul 1999 (Paul, Brendan, Quinn)

5th Place with three wins: RVA – Team Jenny (Phil, Steven, Jake)

6th Place with two wins: Boston/Ottawa/NYC – Super Spackle Monkey (Howard, Brian, Johnny)
Boston – Satan Fingering People (Aaron, Jon, Tyler/Brendan)
RVA -Team Andy/Galaxy Defenders/Dirt Stash (Bainesworth, Nick, Ben Z.)

7th Place with one win: Los Marcostan – Los Marcos (El Bueno, El Malo, El Gigante)
Boston – Fuck! (Tim, Jamie, Ruben)
Boston – BackStabbing Whores (Toby, Howl, Mike)
RVA/??/Ottawa – Border Patrol (Zach, Josh, Carol)

8th Place with no wins: Boston – Shit Scissor (Brandon, Cole, Andrew)
RVA – Shooter’s Passion (Andy, Sean, Zach)
Boston/Germany – Bomb Pop (Kat, Lauren, Markus)

The sportsmanship award – los power! – went to Los Marcos. Three sweet chinatown swords with scabbards.

The out-of-town alliance award went to Richmond – a MD20/20 for each team. Well deserved!

MVP’s: Jen from Ottowa – scored the tournament winning goal, just one of many amazing shots.
Jake from Richmond – helped hold his team in 5th with great play all around
Nick from Boston! Wooooo! He rocks! Too many amazing plays to list them all.

DFL went to Team Teddy Bear (Eric, Jeremy, Ben) who went scoreless in both matches but managed to hold the second match up to 0-4. Great job guys! Here’s what they won:


Thanks to BOSTONBIKER.ORG who was the best sponsor an event could ask for. Also thanks to PBR for the free beer and Geekhouse for the swell t-shirts!

2 Responses to “Tourney Recap”
  1. andy/rva says:

    thanks so much for having us! us rva dudes and dudettes had an amazing time and we can’t wait to have you down here ANYTIME! we’ll supply the party and housing, you supply the you! we just might keep you, we already got phil, haha.

  2. Ian RVA says:

    Andy shut the fuck up.
    Nick don’t let Tyler wear my hoodie.

    Viva la Belligerence

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