Lights Out New York City and The Beginning of Summer

This weekend there is a tourney in NYC; it should be lots of fun (even if we lose hard). We’ve been practicing quite a bit since the weather has turned, and I think that it shows. Our biggest detriment is we need MORE PLAYERS, more people that will show up and dedicate a little time to this goofy pseudo sport. Being able to play with your team confidently and smoothly is the key. So next weekend when the weather is beautiful and you don’t have anything to do on a Sunday, come to Lower Allston and experience all that is bike polo.

One Response to “Lights Out New York City and The Beginning of Summer”
  1. bubmlefuxxx says:

    Dont Be SCCCRRRRRRRDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Come out please and play a bunch this summer everyone. I know of at least two females who are interested in playing as well as a bunch of duders. Lets make it nice an smooth for their first times.AWE YEAH. GITSUM BBP!!!! BITCHES.

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