Less than a month till ESPI’s

NEXT EVENT: ESPI’s! Let’s get some teams together! Team nights will be starting soon, at a secret location TBD!

FRIDAY APRIL 25 – Registration, Welcome Party

SATURDAY APRIL 26 – Late Registration, Round Robin, Grillage, Polocat, Wonderland

SUNDAY APRIL 27 – Bracket Tournament Play Begins @ 10am

from the espi site, they have an afterparty lined up and prizes from bailey works. sweet!What better way to finish off a day full of Round Robin tournament play than at a great bar?The Wonderland Ballroom is giving us the upstairs for a private party from 7:00 till 10:oopm, after which there will be a live DJ until 3:00am. Food, drinks, beer garden and bikes? Yes.Click here for a map. It will probably be the final checkpoint of the polocat, but more info on that soon…
2 Responses to “Less than a month till ESPI’s”
  1. jav0081 says:

    It’s starting to look like I might be able to pull off going to this.
    anyone have a team set yet?
    or are we drawing straws the day of?

    or how about the triumphant rebirth of the cunning linguists?

  2. T1NK says:


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