Weekend weather calls for 100% chance of polo


42 degrees, sunny with a few clouds…this calls for some serious games.

Anyone interested in checking out this awesome location? Perhaps for a Saturday match?


7 Responses to “Weekend weather calls for 100% chance of polo”
  1. jav0081 says:

    I’m (almost) always down for polo whenever/wherevers….
    I’m also defintely getting a nice small dv cam this weekend so i hope to film us looking foolish.

  2. TiNK says:

    no disrespect, but fuck youz guys

    i can’t believe how many outdoor hockey rinks you have at your disposal

    DC has 1

    what the hell

  3. ricknegan says:

    you know that spot might be a really good place to play in the summer due the water being right there and getting a good sea breeze

  4. kiddo katsu says:

    yes, exactly, thank you ricknegan. a voice of wisdom.
    ps variety is the spice of life.

  5. jav0081 says:

    i’m totally down for playing there.

    if people want to go this saturday. I’ll even drive a couple polo folks from tyler’s house down there.

    I just want to make sure we get everyone on board and have enough people going to get a full game.

    in the summer with the big crowds showing up i think it’ll be easier to organize games down there..

    as for the variety thing, you two show up to polo every third week as it is, how are you so bored of allston?

  6. vvilton says:

    i’m game for tryin that court out. i remember checking it out in the fall when i biked around there a little bit. awesome location, and super easy to get to.

  7. we took a peek at this court last weekend – it’s beautiful! no expansion joint, nice faceted wood walls, and a bit wider than the allston courts. there’s also two bleachers for spectators. AND it’s right next to the beach snack shop.

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