5: Tournaments!

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6.13 – 6.16 – CMWC Toronto

7.12 + 7.13 – Boston Summer Tournament

Southie Summer tourney! Details coming soon, but expect a Saturday Tournament and Sunday Grudge Matches and pick-up games. Sponsors include Revolution, Trimount Iron Works, Geekhouse, Boston Biker, and more coming! There will be prizes and trophies, not to mention the glory!

7.19 – 7.20 – Tour de Polo, Seattle WA

8.02 – 8.04 – NSPI’s Ottowa

8.29 – 9.1 – NACCC’s Chicago IL

10.4 – Los Marcos Madness, NYC

4.5 – The Quick and the Dirty Polo Tourney, Seattle

4.20 – MCR Tournament, Manchester
Part of the I Bike MCR Festival

4.25 – 4.27 – ESPI’s, Washington DC

5.3 – 4th Annual Midwest Bike Polo Championships

5.10 – Burning River, Cleveland

5.11 – Lexington Invitational Bike Polo Tournament

5.23 – 5.26 – WSPI’s, Portland OR

5.25 – 5.26 – The New York Pre Worlds Round Robin Bike Polo Tournament and Barbecue Classic Memorial Day Extravaganza
nyc may tourney

2 Responses to “5: Tournaments!”
  1. doug d says:

    Thank you for listing the NYC event. More info soon to come. The skull and crossed mallets is linked to the PUMA page about Portland, Maybe use the Statue of Liberty image and link it to nycbikepolo.com Thanks.

    Doug D

  2. the links are below the event – so you are clicking on the Portland event. I added your NYC pic…tell me when you have a flyer made up!
    See you at the ESPI’s!

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