north end knockout recap

north end knockout flyer

14 teams. 8 from Boston, 6 from NYC.

double elimination took almost 5 hours.

1st place went to Everybody Dies (Doug and Chombo-NYC)- Prize was two matching custom mallets from Legit Bike Polo
2nd place went to Virgin Slayers (Jarrett and Zach-NYC)-Prize was matching copies of “The Devil Wears Prada”
3rd place went to The Fascists (Tyler and Jav-Boston)- Prize was two of Mary Higgens Clarks’ finest literary achievements

Team Generic (James and Aaron-Boston)
Ayn Rand’s Condescending Sigh (Jarrett/Brad and Tara-NYC)

Mix Masturbaters (Jon and Jonathan-Boston)
Memphis (Paul and Brad -NYC)
Flowing Locks (Phillip and LeGus- Boston)

Special Ed (Ken and Wang -NYC)
Early Elimination (Howl and Howard-Boston)

Cowboy Killers (Kat and Brandon -Boston)
Excessive Heat (Quinn and John -NYC)
Take It Easy on Us (Mark and Dan-Boston)
Jasonique (Jason and Veronique-Boston)

MUCH thanks to everyone who helped out.
Especially Kat for the awesome spokecards, getting coffee and pizza and the help organizing the brackets.
And Gus for giving away new mallets to the winners.

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